Kids Workshops

Parents have a tendency to enroll their children for dance thinking it would keep them busy and helping them to be fit by doing physical activity. Dancing is beyond this, dancing teaches your child perseverance. It is a moral lesson to not quit and keep dancing till your remember your steps and be courageous to try again even after a fall. It is a form of expression that can be noticed from 7 months old when a baby starts moving/jumping to music, it shows their joy and happiness. Through dancing your kids will be able to realize their potential and better understand themselves and the talent they hold. So let us at Riya Berry Choreography nurture your little ones with grace and bring out the extraordinary talent hidden in them.

We currently offer group dance classes and exercises for children aged between 5 – 16 years. Our progressive group classes are great for beginners, we teach the fundamentals of a variety of dance styles from international dance to hip hop, Bollywood, modern dance, Bhangra, Contemporary, and more.

*All workshops require enrollment ahead of time and are non-refundable after enrollment.

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